I practice from a sunny home office, access to which is from Hollingbury Copse. Post code BN1 6XD. 

It is the second driveway on the right, to the right of the copse's circle of grass. (roundabout is too strong a term!) You can usually park in the drive.  

If you are coming by train you can go to Preston Park station and get a cab (about £6) or walk (about 25 minutes) or from central Brighton the 26 or 46 bus towards Hollinbury will get you to the Surrenden Road stop a block away.  

Session length & cost

The session is an hour, time on the table is usually about 50 mins; first appointments may be a little longer if there is a lot to talk about. 

The cost is £75, or £60 for lower income concessions and UIUK CST students.

As I do not have a waiting room, please do not arrive early as someone else may be just finishing off their session. 

What happens?

I will take a case history, answer any questions and then you will lie on the treatment table. In CST we treat the clothed body. Sessions start with assessment techniques to locate the origin of any problems and get a sense of where to begin.

Sometimes the areas worked on may differ from the location of the symptoms. Why? Most body structures are in one way or another linked through the 'connective tissue' or fascia that surrounds nearly everything, so a problem in one area can actually manifest as a symptom in another. Since the fascia or fluid we work with is generally very responsive, techniques are usually gentle and subtle - to the point where you might sometimes wonder what we are actually doing...!  

I will leave time at the end of the session for you to come to, and then to get some feedback from you. We may have spoken during the session or we may not... however, you are always invited and welcome to let me know how you are doing at any point. 

Key to our approach are the ideas that:  

  •  Your body knows EXACTLY what it needs to do to correct itself.
  •  Our hands give the space for your body to do its thing.
  •  Your body (and mind) will never do more than it is ready to do.
  •  Our study of anatomy assists us to be precise in finding and assisting any restrictions and tensions to release.
  •  Sometimes there are memories and emotions connected with restricted body tissues - sometimes they may be consciously released, other times they 'just disappear'.
  •  We always work with love and respect for the body, mind and spirit and without judgment for anything that comes up.  

 Get an even better idea... 

You may also find it helpful to watch this beautifully made video, by my friend and colleague Kate MacKinnon. It will give you a good sense of how we work and how that may feel. She lives in California in case you, or someone you know, needs a session over there!  

Want to give it a go? Call me on 07958 993007 to make an appointment and with any more questions or, if it is out of hours, then fill in the form below and I will respond asap (sometimes I am away teaching so give me a few days).