Caroline Barrow has been a practising therapist for over 25 years. After dabbling in various approaches, she started a 3-year shiatsu training in the mid 90s. She then found her way to cranial work and visceral work studying with the Upledger Institute as well as Jean Pierre Barral, the developer of visceral manipulation. 

During her shiatsu training she also discovered a nerdy fascination with anatomy and physiology and all stuff body science. At the time, there were very few other opportunities for complementary therapists to study beyond the basics. So she started College of Body Science to help others find out more, and did a degree in Biomedical Science at King's College London. 

As life takes strange and unexpected turns, in 2010 she also found herself taking over the running of the Upledger Institute in the UK. This is the organisation that teaches Upledger CranioSacral Therapy in this country (one of 50 worldwide - and counting!). She teaches for and runs both these businesses, so splits her time between teaching, writing and treating.

Having recently moved to Brighton and created a bright and sunny office and therapy room out of a dark old garage, she is up and running again for CranioSacral Therapy sessions.

Her mission is to help empower others to take control of their own health and well being, and for us all to understand much more about how amazingly incredible the human body is - and how well supported it truly can be by the natural world around us. 'What 'doing' CranioSacral Therapy has really taught her is to BE; to hold a space for you, the client, to go on your own journey and invoke your own healing potential. With the natural relaxation that comes from sessions and the toning down of the stress response in the body, all sorts of other resources, we maybe didn't even know we had, can come to the fore.  

If you feel your mission for yourself is somehow reflected and you want to work with these light-touch therapeutic approaches, then get in touch. 

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